We have a wide range of lenses, from high end digital cinema glass to budget friendly stills lenses and everything in between. Our lenses will work with all sorts of cameras, from PL to MFTs mounts, from SD to 4K.

To help you find what you need as quickly as possible it’s all broken down in to categories. Alternatively, don’t select anything and browse our entire range.

All our lenses have detailed specifications, kit included, manual links and everything you need to know!

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Canon Cine-Servo 50-1000mm T5-8.9 PL

Ultra-Telephoto PL Servo Zoom CN20x50 IAS H E1/P1

£550.00/day +VAT

Zeiss ARRI Ultra Prime Set 16/24/32/50/85mm T1.9

The Classic PL Prime Cinema Lens Set

£350.00/day +VAT

Angenieux Optimo Style 25-250mm

10x PL Zoom T3.5

£350.00/day +VAT

Fujinon Cabrio 85-300mm T2.9-4.0

PL ZK3.5x85 PL Servo Zoom

£300.00/day +VAT

Canon Cine-Servo 17-120mm T2.95-3.9 PL

CN7x17 KAS S P1 Servo Zoom Lens

£295.00/day +VAT

Zeiss Super Speed MK2 Set (18,25,35,50,85mm)

Super Speed T1.3 lens set

£275.00/day +VAT

Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speed Lenses 15/21/25/35/50/85mm

PL and EF Prime Lenses, with the latest Zeiss Super Speeds, 35/50/85mm T1.5 included.

£250.00/day +VAT

Zeiss Compact Zoom CZ.2 70-200mm T2.9

Zeiss Compact Zoom, 70-200mm PL and EF Mounts

£160.00/day +VAT

Angenieux Optimo DP 30-80

Angenieux 30-80mm T2.8 PL Cine Zoom

£140.00/day +VAT

Angenieux Optimo Style 30-76

Angenieux 30-76mm T2.8 PL Cine Zoom

£140.00/day +VAT

Angenieux Optimo DP 16-42

Angenieux 16-42mm T2.8 PL Cine Zoom

£140.00/day +VAT

Angenieux Optimo Style 16-40

Angenieux 16-40mm T2.8 PL Cine Zoom

£140.00/day +VAT

ARRI 200mm Macro T4.3

200mm PL Macro Prime Lens

£130.00/day +VAT

Cooke S4/i 135mm T2

Telephoto PL Prime Lens

£125.00/day +VAT

Zeiss ARRI Ultra Prime 135mm T1.9

Telephoto PL Prime Lens

£110.00/day +VAT

Cooke S4/i 100mm T2

Telephoto PL Prime Lens

£100.00/day +VAT

Oppenheimer/Zeiss 100mm Macro T3.2

100mm PL Macro Prime Lens

£90.00/day +VAT

Zeiss 14mm T2 Distagon

PL Standard Speed Wide Angle Prime

£90.00/day +VAT

Zeiss ARRI Ultra Prime 100mm T1.9

Telephoto PL Prime Lens

£90.00/day +VAT

Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 135mm T2.1

Telephoto PL & EF Prime Lens

£90.00/day +VAT

Angenieux 2x Extender

2x Doubler for Angenieux 25-250mm, 16-40mm & 30-76mm

£80.00/day +VAT