Consent policy


Pro Motion Hire Ltd intends to communicate with its customers and other interested persons for the purpose of marketing & information sharing. Therefore, we wish to collect your personal data to help achieve the purpose. The terms listed below detail the information you are entitled to be provided with so that you may give your consent -

I have read and understood the purpose for which my personal data has been requested. I freely give my consent to the collection, processing and storage of the personal data specified within this document, namely: Full Name, E-mail address, Mobile number

The data may be received by members of staff within Pro Motion Hire Ltd.

The data will be held for 5 years and I will be advised if this is subject to change. If the purpose for which my details have been collected should change, Pro Motion Hire will inform me of the changes along with any other details within this agreement that may be affected. I will be informed of these changes in advance wherever reasonably possible so that I may have an opportunity to object.

I understand that I have a right to withdraw consent at any time by writing to the Operations Manager at Pro Motion Hire or e-mailing in which case the details will be removed promptly from your systems and you will subsequently inform any recipients of the data. This may not be possible if a legal or statutory authority has requirements of the information which lawfully supersede my consent. I acknowledge that should I chose to withdraw consent, the withdrawal shall not affect the lawfulness of data processing that happened prior to the withdrawal.

I am aware that there may be circumstances in which I have the right to access and request rectification or erasure of the data provided. I am aware that I may also have the right to restrict, object or request data portability.

In the event of a serious concern which I do not feel I may address directly with the Company, I am aware that I shall be entitled to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority.

I am aware that the legal basis for processing this data is consent. I understand that if another lawful basis for processing my data should exist, that my rights which have been described herein, may change under data protection laws.