Engineering and Service Department

Pro Motion have been growing and developing our Engineering and Service Department over the last 5 years. Initially maintaining and servicing our own fleet as technology has developed so have we. Our engineering department works to actively train and support our staff, whilst expanding what we can do in house for our clients.

We work closely with manufacturers, suppliers and service centres to ensure that all our hire equipment is of the highest standard.

On top of that we can offer a wide range of services in house to support production with their own kit, and work with crew during pre-production tests in house. We love a challenge, so our team have worked on everything from ensuring cameras survive rocket launches with 48hrs of power to creating individual hides and unique camera mounts

In House Services

  • Firmware and license upgrades for: Cameras, Monitors, Wireless Systems the list goes on.
  • Camera Mount collimation check and correction: Using the DENZ FDC Camera Mount Collimator with EF and PL Mounts.
  • Gallery Rigs with multi-viewer platform based around Blackmagic Design products. It currently can comfortably handle 18 camera feeds with integrated and separate audio. It can also be re configured to occupy a further 10. There is a visual / audio synced switched 49” UHD main view screen, along with either 1 or 2 further 49” UHD screens for multi-views, depending on the amount of camera inputs needed to be seen. These monitors come on either Unicol Stands or can be table mounted. There are a further 4x wireless audio receivers for monitoring separate audio other than main screen gallery switched audio. The whole gallery is very portable / modular and can be rigged and de-rigged very quickly in any location with 1x Engineer to rig and operate. It can be remotely controlled via IP also.

It can be used either with a fibre cable based system (LC connections) for longer cable runs (up to 5kKm for for 1.5 gbs signals) and a more reliable feed. Or conventional (RF) BNC cable runs if production budgets are restricted.

We can also offer bespoke engineering builds, installations, fabrication and modifications to either pre-existing equipment or creating something from scratch. This can be electronic, mechanical, electrical wiring, system integration, metalwork, woodwork and plastics. Check out our news stories for some of the specific projects we’ve worked on.

We can offer our clients a wide range of technical support working with an innovative and collaborative approach this allows us to support our clients in creating new exciting content with never before seen shots.