“Pro Motion Hire is a leading equipment hire company for broadcast and digital content, supplying cameras, sound, lighting and accessories to location and studio-based filming.

We understand that all activities in equipment hire have some impact on the environment. We believe that our performance as a well-recognised facilities house operating nationwide will be measured not only by our success as a business but also by our impact on the shared environment. As such we are proactively and continuously reviewing what we can do to limit our impact and reduce our footprint.

Whilst we continue to adhere to government guidelines for our environmental policy we also want to go beyond that to continue to educate our staff and clients across the industry to make positive changes to ensure we are as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. Working together across the industry we believe we can all make positive changes to minimise our impact on the environment. We want to continually make changes to our day to day, as well as our overriding policies, that enable us to become carbon neutral and then carbon positive in as short a time as possible”.

Jessica Lolliot – Commercial Director

Current Environmental Steps

Pro Motion ensures all quotes and invoices are sent electronically and all staff are aware of the environmental impact of printing documents unnecessarily. 100% of our paper is from recycled sources and our printer ink is from refilled sources and then returned to the manufacturer for reuse and refill.

We use rechargeable batteries across the board focusing on recyclable lithium ion batteries were possible. All our offices have drop boxes for batteries to be recycled batteries safely which are available to our clients also.

All our offices use 100% Green Energy suppliers, and we ensure that all electronics are powered down whenever they aren’t needed to use as little energy as possible, we are aware this is one of the leading causes of environmental damage.

We have installed air compression units in our London office and invested in a similar unit for our Manchester office to dramatically reduce our use of canned air. When required to use canned air we ensure it is the Eco Friendly Kenair Air Duster that uses an Ultra-Low GWP propellant.

All our offices recycle their waste, either through local contractors or our landlords. We have ensured that all rooms being used regularly by staff and clients have recycle bins in place for easy access. Wherever possible we always opt to reuse over recycle, and encourage our staff and clients to do so also.

Our consumables are all sent out to clients without additional packaging and if a consumable can be part charged we base this on weight to save on any single use packaging, plastic or otherwise. Any unused or unneeded consumables can be return to us at Pro Motion and we will reuse or dispose of responsibly.

We are proactive in ensuring all our merchandising is either reusable or recyclable, and any paper products are made of recycled paper and eco friendly inks.

We encourage all staff to take advantage of the Ride to Work scheme and use public transport as much as possible. We have offices in the North and South of the country and make use of technology to allow all possible meetings to take place virtually. If this isn’t feasible, we always prioritise public transport wherever possible. If we need to use planes for international travel, we will always offset the carbon footprint for all flights.

We have traded in our Kino Flo Tungsten bulbs for LED technology, longer lasting, reducing harsh chemical processes and drawing less power on the environment. LED Technology is something we have invested heavily in over the last 7+ years, we also educate all our clients to the benefits of LED technology for their shoots and their environmental impact.

Our Next Environmental Targets

Our next step is to appoint two Environmental Ambassadors, one for our Head office in the South and one for our Head office in the North. They will work alongside the Directors of Pro Motion Hire to ensure we are meeting and fulfilling our policy aims. This enables us to put more time into working with the rest of the industry to put in wide reaching practices that benefit us all.

We are reviewing all our single use plastic to completely phase it out by the end of 2020. This is a crucial step for our policy and we have reviewed biodegradable plastics, but we are now directing our research towards glassine and recycled paper-based products. We already use reusable material and hard-shell reusable plastic pouches as much as possible to limit any need for single use plastic or any single use products. We aim to have single use plastics eliminated from the workplace as a top priority before the end of 2020.

Throughout our industry the use of tape is prevalent and like others are reviewing all our current tape suppliers and testing eco-friendly alternatives to supply to our staff as well as our clients with consumables.

We are reviewing the options for electric and hybrid vans and as and when leases on our current fleet end we would act to replace anything with a like for like electric vehicle. This is in part due to technology for larger commercial vehicles not yet being available, as and when this is available this will be invaluable for reducing our carbon footprint.

A key aim for Pro Motion is a carbon footprint assessment. This will enable us to further tailor our environmental policy and act to address and specific areas that are increasing our output. We can then set serious targets and deadlines for becoming carbon neutral and then carbon positive.

We are aware of the great work the Albert Consortium is doing and we will be looking to become certified by Albert as we continue to commit to making changes and developments to our environmental policy. It is important to us to work with all sectors of our industry, so together we can fight climate change and create bold changes in our industry.


As detailed above our key objectives for the year are:

  • To stop all single use plastic across all offices before the end of 2020.
  • Switch to eco-friendly tape and review all consumables.
  • Ensure where possible all vehicles are replaced with Electric or Hybrid Vehicles like for like at the end of their leases.
  • Get a full Carbon Footprint assessment so we can make positive changes and deadlines for becoming Carbon Neutral.
  • Work with the Albert Consortium to become Albert Certified.

In laying out this policy, Pro Motion has made a strong commitment to continually and continuously review its environmental footprint and make improvements to our working practices. This policy affects not only our day to day but also our larger business decisions and it is important that it has a companywide impact and that we factor in our environmental targets and responsibilities into all our decision making.

We will review this policy every quarter to ensure we are compliant, meeting our targets and adjusting our objectives with more details and timeframes as required. Maintaining this policy will be the responsibility of Pro Motion’s Directors along with our Environmental Ambassadors.

Our staff are a big part of ensuring we keep to our policy and we have detailed training and online platforms to train and educate that, this policy is communicated clearly for all new starters and is also communicated on site and to clients. We are proud to be involved in an industry that is working to be proactive in this area.

It is vital to Pro Motion that we work with everyone across the industry to ensure we become a greener, cleaner and more energy efficient company for our staff, clients and communities.