Our Environment Pledge

Pro Motion Hire is a leading equipment hire company for broadcast and digital content, supplying cameras, sound, lighting and accessories to location and studio-based filming.

We understand that all activities in equipment hire have some impact on the environment. We believe that our performance as a well-recognised facilities house operating nationwide will be measured not only by our success as a business but also by our impact on the shared environment. As such we are proactively and continuously reviewing what we can do to limit our impact and reduce our footprint.

Whilst we continue to adhere to government guidelines for our environmental policy we also want to go beyond that to continue to educate our staff and clients across the industry to make positive changes to ensure we are as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. Working together across the industry we believe we can all make positive changes to minimise our impact on the environment. We want to continually make changes to our day to day, as well as our overriding policies, that enable us to become carbon neutral and then hopefully carbon positive in as short a time as possible. These are big and evolving aims and as such we have created an environmental policy detailing our current stance, aims and objectives, this is available for download and review. We are actively reviewing our policies and welcome industry and client input, as such we have signed the Green Pledge with many other rental facilities – which is available here. 

This is not an issue that can be solved overnight nor by the individual so we must all do our part and work together to make our industry as green as possible. 

View Our Environment policy here