Our accessories complete all our equipment packages with a wide variety of matte boxes, follow focus, filters and external recorders - all compatible with a range of equipment. For specific compatibility don't hesitate to ask.


To help you find what you need as quickly as possible it’s all broken down in to categories. Alternatively, browse our entire range under the category 'All', or use the search bar at the top of the page.


All our accessories have detailed specifications, kit included, manual links and everything you need to know!

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ARRI WCU-4 3-Axis Wireless Lens Control System

WCU-4 Handset with 2x cforce mini motors & cforce mini RF Motor

£300.00/day +VAT

Sony AXS-R5

2K/4K external 16Bit RAW recorder

£140.00/day +VAT

IRND Filter Kit

Infrared 4 x 5.65 IRND PV Filter Set

£120.00/day +VAT

Cine Tape Measure

Ultrasonic Range Finder

£120.00/day +VAT

ARRI Zoom Microforce ZMU-3A

Zoom Remote to work with the ARRI WCU-4 Kit

£100.00/day +VAT

EyeDirect Mark II

Mirror Box

£100.00/day +VAT

Atomos Shogun Inferno

HDR 7 Inch Monitor/Recorder. Externally record ProRes RAW, ProRes, DNxHR or CDNG.

£90.00/day +VAT

Atomos Shogun Flame

HDR 7 Inch Monitor/Recorder. Externally Record ProRes RAW, ProRes, DNxHR or CDNG

£90.00/day +VAT

Atomos Shogun

7 Inch Monitor/External Recorder.

£90.00/day +VAT

Convergent Design Odyssey7Q

Versatile 7.7” OLED Monitor with recording and playback options

£85.00/day +VAT

DJI Focus single axis wireless lens control system

1-Axis WLCS

£75.00/day +VAT

ARRI SXU-1 Control

Single Axis Wireless Lens Control System

£75.00/day +VAT


Cine Clip On Lightweight Matte Box

£60.00/day +VAT

Glimmerglass 4 x 5.65 (PV)

Glimmerglass 4 x 5.65 Filter Set

£60.00/day +VAT

Convergent Design nanoFlash

HD External Recorder

£60.00/day +VAT

Schneider Clear True-Streak 4 x 5.65

PV Filter Set

£60.00/day +VAT

ND Soft Edge Grad Kit

6x6 Filter Set

£60.00/day +VAT


Studio Follow Focus System

£50.00/day +VAT

Bright Tangerine Strummer DNA

Swing-Away Studio Style Bar Mounted Matte Box

£50.00/day +VAT

ARRI FF-4 Studio

Studio Follow Focus System

£50.00/day +VAT


15mm Bars Matte Box

£40.00/day +VAT