Convergent Design Odyssey7Q

Versatile 7.7” OLED Monitor with recording and playback options

£85.00/day +VAT

This is an incredibly flexible monitoring solution offering an OLED 7.7" monitor which also has the ability to record 4K RAW, Apple ProRes 422 from various cameras, and many more! The Monitor comes with various recording options as standard if you are looking to record with a particular camera or codec please let us know in advance so we can confirm it has the correct licenses for you.

£85.00/day +VAT

Monitor Specification

Resolution 1280 x 800
2x BNC, 1x HDMI. 2x Bi-Directional BNC
2x BNC, 1x HDMI. 2x Bi-Directional BNC
Audio 2 Channel Audio
Power Options
Mains + Battery

Convergent Design Odyssey7Q OLED monitor and recorder

4x 512 SSD drives

USB3.0 SSD reader

Thunderbolt  SSD reader

D-tap power cable

A/C adapter

3 x 0.5m BNC cables

Hawk-Woods VL-MR2 battery charger

2 x Hawk-Woods VL70 batteries