EyeDirect Mark II

Mirror Box

£100.00/day +VAT

EyeDirect Mark II is a device that works by employing two mirrors in a 'periscope' set up. It gives a more genuine and engaging connection to your viewing audience, as the contributor has authentic eye contact with the person asking the questions, whilst actually appearing to be looking directly down the lens. 

Can be used with a wide range of cameras from DSLR to full size models, and the system doesn't require any power to work.  The EyeDirect Mark II also converts to a prompt unit by simply attaching your own iPad or tablet using the holder provided (suitable iPad or tablet required, and not included in the kit).

£100.00/day +VAT


Width55.8 cm
Depth38.1 cm
Height38.1 cm
Unit Weight 6.8 kg


Edisson Mirror

DSLR Riser Plate