Sony URX-P03D Dual Channel Radio Mic Kit

Dual Channel UWP-D Radio Mic

£40.00/day +VAT

The URX-P03D Dual Channel portable receiver offers excellent digital audio processing quality, combined with a wide frequency coverage. The additional mic input on the dual unit, means that the receiver has two external mic inputs, thus giving you the ability to simultaneously receive audio from two compatible UWP-D series transmitters, whilst limiting the amount of kit and weight on your camera unit. 

£40.00/day +VAT

Microphone Specification

Frequency 566-630 MHz (Ch33-Ch40) (UK)
InputMini Jack
OutputXLR (M) - Mini Jack 

2 x TX

1 x Dual RX

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Belt Clips

4 x TX Batts

4 x RX Batts