Sony DVW-970p

Digibeta, SD Camcorder

£100.00/day +VAT

The 970p is the top of the range Digibeta camera, the traditional ENG shoulder mounted camcorder with a B4 lens mount. This standard definition camcorder records down to Digibeta tapes.

£100.00/day +VAT

Camera Specification

Sensor 2/3" 3 CCD
Mount B4
Weight (kg) 3.9 (body only)
Firmware N/A
Media DigiBeta

Recording Specification

Resolution Bit Depth Bit Rate Record Format FPS Dynamic Range * at base ISO
Digital Betacam

Sony DVW-970p camera body

Camera strap

Rain cover

Sony VCT-14 plate

1 x Hawk-Woods VL-CA4 power distribution plate

4 x Hawk-Woods VL140 batteries

1 x Hawk-Woods VL-MR4T battery charger + 4pin XLR cable