The Talent Kit Elite (RED Komodo)

£255.00/day +VAT

The Talent Kit Elite is an all-in-one solution that is easy to assemble and quick to set up, with little or no experience of cameras required. This system integrates with your favourite video calling software via USB, or can be used as a standalone unit, recording to the camera’s media.

Our Elite kit features RED’s new Komodo camera, featuring a 6K Super35mm global shutter sensor in a 953g body. Recording R3D Raw or ProRes to CFast 2.0 cards up to 40fps at 6K or 120FPS at 2K. The global shutter sensor is ideal for recording fast moving action, strobes and VFX, keeping images crisp, true and undistorted. And the ethernet connection gives camera control at a distance.

Fixed with an 18” bi-colour, dimmable ring light, you’ll get a soft glow and the control to light anyone as required.

Also supplied with the kit is a Rode SmartLav+ lavaliere clip microphone, providing professional quality audio directly to the camera and laptop.

The kit comes preassembled in 3 parts that are easily fitted together, and the whole setup is explained in the supplied instructional video, with a simple colour-coded system for all parts in case anything becomes detached or unplugged.

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