Sony Venice with Rialto Extension System (Excludes R7 Raw Recorder)

£950.00/day +VAT

Sony’s flagship camera; Venice, boasts a large format 36x24mm Full-Frame sensor with 6K resolution, 15+ stops dynamic range and dual base ISO (500 and 2500).

With native PL and locking-E mount systems and the flexibility to shoot full frame, S35, 4K and anamorphic the Venice proves itself as the new go-to camera for high end, dramatic content.

The Rialto Extension System enables a cabled separation of the camera body and the image sensor block with no loss in image quality, with a 2.7m (9ft) attached cable and an additional 2.7m (9ft) extensions cable it offers exceptional mobility and manoeuvrability. The separated image sensor block gives the user great flexibility when filming with gimbals, handheld and shooting scenes in confined spaces such as vehicles and small rooms.






Kit Included

Sony VENICE camera body with Full Frame and Anamorphic licenses

Sony DVF-EL200 EVF

Full Cage and 15/19mm dovetail kit

8 x Bebob V150Micro batteries with Dual Hotswap Plate

4 way simultaneous charger

Sony Venice Camera Front Panel Cover

Sony Venice Rialto Sensor  Block Rear Cover with 2.7m/9ft Umbilical Cable

Sony Venice Rialto 9ft/2.7m Umbilical Extension Cable

ARRI 18” Long Dovetail Plate

ARRI BPS – 2 Bridge Plate Sled

Right Side Run/Stop Wooden Handle

Left Side Wooden Handle

ARRI 3 – pin to 7 – pin Run/Stop cable for wooden Handle

Tilta Sony Venice Rialto Backpack – V Lock Plate & Dovetail


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