RigWheels Cloud Mount

Car Rig w Vibration Isolation

£125.00/day +VAT

This is our new favourite grip, the RigWheels Cloud Mount comes with a variety of combinations for rigging cameras to your car/van. It comes with 4 arms that you can have anything from 2-4 magnets, suction cups or vacuum cups attaching the rig to your vehicle - depending on your weight requirement. 

It also takes the Ronin, Ronin-M or Movi so you can add even more control to your car rigs, this works incredibly well with the vibration isolation system.

The Cloud Mount has a maximum payload of 56kg but this depends on your set up and if you're using a gimbal system with it. For more information, give us a call.

£125.00/day +VAT


Grip Specification

Maximum Payload - Kg56Kg* see description for more info. 
MountMagnets or Suction Mounts
Weight - Kg15Kg

Cloud Mount Includes:

3 x RigPlate

6 x RigAxle

10 x Cloud Mount Vibration Isolator Cable Clamp

8 x Cable - 1/4"x7"

18 x Socket Button Head - 1/4"x.5"

1 x 3/8" Bolt - 3/4" Long

1 x 3/8 Washer 

4 x 5/16"x2" Thumb Knob

4 x 5/16"x1" Thumb Knob

2 x 5/16" Washer

16 x RigMount Magnetic Mount - Long

8 x Suction Cups

4 x Vacuum Cups

8 x A-Cup - Suction Cup

1 x Cloud Mount Travel Case

2 x 5/16" Bolt - 7/8" Long 

1 x 3/16" Hex Key

1 x 5/32" Hex Key

2 x 5/16" x 3/4" Thumb Knob

4 x 5/16" Female Thumb Knob