Libec Swift Jib50

Compact Hand Operated Jib System

£75.00/day +VAT

The Libec Jib is a lightweight and versatile single camera unit jib option, perfect for shooting on location with a small crew, and equally at home to large shoots that might be tight on budget or simple not require a full jimmy jib system. It comes with a fixed spreader and one with wheels to add even more movement to your shots. The Jib arm can be extended from 1m to 1.9m for extra length. 

If you are looking for a budget remote head option, we can do a package with the Ronin and the Libec Jib to use the Ronin Gimbal system remotely on the jib head. This system can take a whole reange of cameras from the RED Epic and ALEXA Mini to the GH4 and A7SII.

£75.00/day +VAT

Grip Specification

Maximum Payload - Kg10-20 depending on arm extension 
Mount100mm Bowl
Length78” Height
Weight - Kg16.4

Libec Jib Arm

Libec Tripod

2 x Jib Weights

Tripod Spreader

Tripod Spreader with Wheels

Jib Arm Weight (for minor adjustments)

Jib Handle Bars