Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM lens

Full Frame Lens w Image Stabilisation

£40.00/day +VAT

This ultra wide EF zoom is part of Canon’s incredible L series range of lenses and offers professional image quality with the added benefit of optical Image stabilisation. At f/4, it's a stop slower than its famous f/2.8 cousin but at least it's constant throughout the zoom range and sacrificing a stop to gain image stabilisation for handheld run and gun style shooting is well worth it in our eyes.

£40.00/day +VAT

Lens Specification

Mount EF
Image Coverage Full Frame
Zoom Ratio 2x
Focal Length Range 16-35mm
Aperture f4 - 22
Close Focus28cm
Front Diameter 80mm
Screw In Filter Thread 77mm
Minimum Filter Size (for Matte Box) 4x4""
Lens Support n/a
Gearing n/a
Weight 615g
Macro No


Lens Hood

Front Cap

Back Cap

Lens Pouch