Fujinon MK18-55mm T2.9 E Mount

Lightweight Lens

£100.00/day +VAT

This incredibly lightweight lens weighs in at a staggering 980 grams, incredibly light and compact this is the perfect wide angle lens for the Sony E Mount, FS7 and FS5 cameras. The Fujinon MK18-55mm lens can be used with the Sony A7s range but as this camera is Full Frame you would need to change the settings to APS-C mode, because this beautiful lens covers a S35mm sensor - great news for all the FS7/5 users who want to keep that great wide range. 

It's a fully manual lens - with seamless iris control avoiding vibrations and the all too common click you get with older manual lenses. It has a built in macro feature giving it a close focus of 38cm. 

Fujinon have also released the Cine Zoom 50-135mm now ... Combine them both to make the perfect pair!

£100.00/day +VAT


Lens Specification

Image CoverageS35
Zoom Ratio3x
Focal Length Range18-55mn
Close Focus 2ft 9in
Front Diameter85mm
Screw In Filter Thread82mm
Minimum Filter Size (for Matte Box)4x4"
Lens SupportN/A
Gearing 0.8
Weight 980g
Macro1ft 2.9in

Fujinon MK18-55mm

Front and back cap

Lens Hood