PanAura 5 - HMI/Tungsten Octodome

400w HMI Head, 1000w Tungsten Head with Octodome Kit

£110.00/day +VAT

The PanAura 5 is one of the most popular soft lights available; it comes with dual heads - one a HMI 400W, the other 1000W tungsten. Both use the built in Chimera-style directional umbrella with various diffusion covers and egg crates, so you can fully control this powerful tool. Complete with a flicker free ballast.

£110.00/day +VAT

Lamphead Type HMI + Tungsten - Open Face
Wattage HMI - 400w, Tungsten - 1000w
Distribution 13Amp
Dimmable External Only - Tungsten, N/A - HMI
Beam Angle 40º Grid
Weight TBC

PanAura 5 Octodome

HMI Lamphead

Ballast & Cable 

Tungsten Lamphead



13amp Extension


Full Diffusion

3/4 Diffusion

Middle Diffusion

Snap Grid