ARRI Hi-5 Wireless Lens Control System

£350.00/day +VAT

The Hi-5 Hand Unit is ARRI’s follow up to the popular WCU-4 and offers advanced wireless multi-axis camera and lens control through a powerful signal that cuts through interference. Plus, with a high-contrast LCD touchscreen and a modular, highly customisable design, the Hi-5 can be adapted to best suit your needs.

The Hi-5 Hand Unit also includes additional radio modules for different regions, hot-swapping battery support, three user buttons for personalised functions, pre-marked smart focus rings, an integrated NATO rail, and a robust, durable, and weatherproof build to use in all environments.

Other features include the 4-pin LBUS ports that let you hardwire the unit to your camera for lens function control, customisable focus knob operation, Focusbug Cine RT support, and the ECS Sync app for iOS which means you can update and configure the Hi-5 from your smartphone, as well as store and manage all your lens files.




Kit Included

ARRI Hi-5 Hand Unit

ARRI Cforce Mini RF Motor

x2 ARRI Cforce Mini Motor

RF Radio Module

ARRI Cforce Mini extra wide 0.8 pitch cog

ARRI LBP Battery Charger

x3 0.8/40t Motor Gear

x3 19mm clamp

x3 19-15mm Adapter Ring

x2 Aerial

x6 Hi-5 White Focus Marking Rings

x5 Hi-5 Pre-Marked Focus Rings

x2 LBUS Motor 20cm Cable

x2 LBUS Motor 30cm Cable

x2 LBUS Motor 50cm Cable

ARRI Cmotion Cable CAM RED Ctrl/D-Tap

CAM (7p) – EXT (6p) ARRI

ARRI Cmotion Cable LBUS – D-TAP

ARRI Cmotion Cable CAM Sony Hi-Rose Ctrl/D-Tap

ARRI Cmotion Cable CAM (7p) – LBUS

ARRI Cmotion Cable CAM (7p) – 3pin

Hawks-Woods RS 3p – RS 3p 25cm Cable

ARRI Cmotion Cable CAM LANC Ctrl/D-Tap

FIG8 Power Cable

x3 ARRI Hi-5 battery – ARRI LBP-3500

ARRI Carry Strap

ARRI Hi-5 Monitor Bracket

SD Card

Hi-5 Case



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