Oconnor 2575 Head

Heavy Duty Moy Cinema Head

£125.00/day +VAT

Heavy duty moy tripod system, Oconnor is the industry standard. Featuring Oconnor’s patented sinusoidal counterbalance system for accurate balance at any point in the title range. The 2575D features the controls on the left side for maximum control by the operator and has 4 handle rosettes and an ultra-smooth pan and tilt fluid drag system. If you want a sturdy and reliable tripod for any of the larger cameras, this is the tripod for you.

£125.00/day +VAT

Tripod Specification

Payload - Kg Max 39.5 - 60.5
Tilt Range +90º / -90º
Head Fitting MOY
Head Weight - Kg 10.4

Oconnor 2575 head only (Mitchell mount)

2 pan bars

Euro style quick release sliding plate

Wedge plate + 2 x 3/8” screws

Mitchell tiedown

150mm ball base adapter