Pro Motion Hire is a trading division of Pixipixel Rental LTD.

To hire from Pixipixel you will need to set up an account, we have tried to keep the process as simple and short as possible. However there are some key facts to be aware of:

  • Please allow a minimum of 48hrs to process your account, if you need to hire urgently, please fill in the application and then contact us.
  • To set up your account we need you to complete all the below sections – including some tick boxes.
  • Please be aware we will need to contact and hear back from two trade references to complete the application.
  • We cannot hire equipment if you do not have the required insurance in place. If you do not have insurance, we would recommend using Performance Insurance as industry experts, but please read our insurance how to first.
  • Performance Insurance Website.
  • All names and addresses on the supporting documents including insurance must match the applicant details.

Open and account