Virtual Production

Pro Motion’s LED department specialises in Virtual Production and XR stages for the Film, TV and Creative Industries.  

The adoption by high end productions and content producers of LED Video Walls for virtual backgrounds has allowed us to support these sectors in reinventing their filmmaking processes and to also overcome some of the more recent physical and logistical challenges of these current times. 

In the increasingly new normal of in-camera LED VFX, whether you are shooting for commercials, drama, features or social, anything is possible. 

We bring the stage to you! Our LED volumes – Motion Walls are fully transportable and can be installed in most physical spaces and not necessarily in traditional studio locations. Certain specifics such as access, power, acoustics, and available space can be considered and surveyed though site visits on a case-by-case basis. 

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  • Motion Wall – LED Volume Rental 
  • Motion Wall – Robotic Motion Control Integration 
  • Motion Wall – Camera Tracking + Capture 
  • Motion Wall – High Speed Filming  
  • Motion Wall – Multi Perspective XR 
  • Motion Wall – Simultaneous Multi Pass Scenarios  
  • Motion Wall – R&D Stage 
  • Motion Wall – Wet Hire Solutions 
  • LED Consultancy – Sector Agnostic Commerical Applications 

G6 Moco are the UK’s leading Visual Engineering company who specialise in creating solutions for the creative industries. Collaboratively and through conceptual design they deliver powerful storytelling tools.  

G6 have a long history of providing high speed robots for Film & TV and with their custom designed software they can incorporate super slow motion with pneumatics to achieve ‘lucky accidents’ with split-second precision and with infinite repetition. 

All the above combined with photo realistic virtual environments or VFX film plates and the comprehensive offering of Pro Motions digital cinema equipment, afford the film maker with endless possibilities.  

It’s all about making the impossible possible! 


As with all Pro Motion service and equipment offerings we can supply to anywhere in the UK and we can support productions locally on the ground from both our Northern headquarters in Manchester and our Southern headquarters in London.