Pro Motion Introduces Rechargeable AA batteries

As part of our ongoing sustainability journey, we’re completely replacing single use batteries for rechargeable alternatives.

All our larger cameras and lights use Vlock or Block batteries, and we will now supply all equipment that have AA requirements with like for like rechargeable replacements. You’ll get the exact number of batteries the kit requires, along with some spare batteries and a charger to boot.

The rechargeable batteries are very much part of the kit and must be returned as received upon completion of the hire, otherwise a £25 restocking fee will incur. The same applies for the charger, which if not returned will incur a £20 restocking fee.

In the event that batteries and or chargers are found after any fees have incurred and replacements have been restocked, we would encourage you to still send them back. In return, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf as a thanks for doing your bit for the environment.

While this is a small change, it still plays a part in helping us become more environmentally focused and sustainable in our approach to supplying kit for the film and television industry.