TheLight’s Velvet Light 1

All you need to know about our rainproof 1×1 light! (yes rainproof)

It’s not a camera and it’s not even that new but we’re always on the look out for technology that can really benefit our clients. At the end of 2014 we invested in TheLight’s Velvet 1 for a shoot that was off to film in the Costa Rican jungle! Well they’re back and they survived to tell the tale. Here is a run down on our latest light.

  • It’s RainProof (IP54)
  • Bi‐Colour (2700‐6500K)
  • Built in Dimmer
  • Flicker Free to 3000fps
  • 100% Aluminium Shock Proof Body
  • Built in Diffusion to give a perfect soft light but with a hi output of 210 LUX at 3m
  • CRI over 90.

Like all the latest toys it’s also modular, so you can bolt more than one together and create a bank of light. It’s important to note that TheLight’s Velvet 1 holds its colour temperature as it is dimmed down and has a silent fan operation. It’s not as lightweight as some of the other 1x1s we stock but if you are travelling to and filming in tough locations, then it’s hard‐wearing body and ability to work in all weathers might be worth the extra weight.

We send the Velvet 1 out with BlueShape V‐lock batteries, charger, stand and sand bag. (The BlueShape batteries are also IP54 rainproof) £70 per day, ex VAT.