Covid Secure Policy

Pro Motion Hire Covid Secure

We have summarised our Covid Secure policy, but please reach out to for a full copy and to answer any questions. 

Our priority has been to ensure that our buildings are safe for all our staff and visitors and that we can support your production whilst promoting and enforcing our COVID / Hygiene policies. These policies have been created based on Government and Industry advice, they outline our processes and highlight the best practices that you should adhere to when hiring and working with professional filming equipment. 

It’s important to ensure our staff, clients and equipment are safe and secure, we’ve worked hard to review all our best practices across the board. Wiping down kit, using PPE, social distancing, working from home, limiting office visits – all play an important part in ensuring we follow Government and Industry guidelines whilst continuing to help and support production across the UK. 

We are all in this together, it’s important you also follow guidelines when you are receiving or returning kit either to us directly or using a courier. 

It has been impressive to see so many people working so creatively at times of great stress and uncertainty, and it’s been a pleasure to come up with new solutions alongside them. If you need any advice or support please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are hear to help production continue to film safely however we can.