Angenieux 44-440 A-2s Anamorphic Lens

Show: NAB 2016

Release Date – July 2016

Estimated Price – €65,000 with an additional €10,000 for the rear spherical element

Announced at NAB 2016, this is a beautiful lens and the third in their range. Angenieux is calling this ‘the renaissance of the long range anamorphic zoom’. The Optimo has a hefty range of 44-440mm with an aperture of T4.5 across the range with a close focus of 4ft 1in and comes in at a light or heavy (depending on the way you look at it) 16.6lbs. 

While it has all the precision focus scales and minimal breathing you would expect from an Angenieux lens, this long range anamorphic has one more trick up it’s sleeve – the ability to (by a skilled engineer) change the back optical element from 44-440mm anamorphic to 25-250mm spherical T3.5! Just change the focus scales over and the lens becomes a fully functional 25-250mm, identical to the standard lens of the same length, giving you two options in one lens. 

Key Features

  • 44-440mm Range
  • T4.5 across the zoom
  • Can be converted into 25-250mm

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