Angenieux New EZ Range


Show: IBC 2016

The EZ-1 S35 is 30-90mm T2

Angenieux have released two new zoom lenses specifically for broadcast rather than film. This new range is unlike any other as it has new “Interchangeable Rear Optics” (IRO) technology. This allows you to change the back end/elements of the lens, effectively giving you two lenses in one – S35mm or FullFrame/Vistavision. This gives you complete flexibility across most cameras and future-proofing your purchase. 

They also come with PL, Canon EF and now E Mount options. 

There are two lenses in this new style, EZ-1 and EZ-2. 

EZ-1 S35 is 30-90mm T2, then FF/VV is 45-135mm T3

EZ-2 S35 is 15-40mm T2, then FF/VV is 22-60mm T3

Both are lightweight lenses ideal for shooting on the go, weighing in at no more than 2.15kg each. They have the angenieux look and style, though perhaps slightly cheaper and not quite as rigorously crafted as the cine zooms. They will also work with a detachable END style zoom from MOVCAM. 


  • S35 or FullFrame/Vistavision back options for both lenses
  • Lightweight
  • Colormetry matched with Optimo lenses

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