Boxx Atom

Show: IBC 2015

Estimated Release Date: Available now

Price: Strongest signal £7250,  Mid £5250, Low £3250

There are three different models of the Atom HD microwave transmitters, confusingly they all are called the Boxx Atom. Designed to fill the need of a lightweight transmitter on today’s ever shrinking cameras and hand held grip. Each model covers a different range with a maximum of 600 metres, as always you get what you pay for, the different price points reflect signal strength and distance covered. Making it ideal to mix and match the line up depending on the job and budget. Boxx are known for their consistency and strength of signal making them ideal for multi-camera use or when an interrupted signal is not acceptable. The Atom felt lightweight and well built with a simple system for syncing and altering channels and most of all, it carries a place in the industry which other manufactures are trying to compete with.

Key Features

  • Automatically pairs to Transmitter
  • Simplistic, minimalist lightweight design
  • 253g

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