Nokia OZO

nokia ozo

Show: NAB 2016

Estimated delivery: Available now

Price: $60,000

One of the most popular cameras at NAB was not from one of the usual producers but from Nokia. The Nokia OZO is an 8 camera, 8 mic VR 360 camera unit. The reason it has drawn so much interest is how it deals with the footage, which is to not only sync the multiple cameras and audio tracks together but also to stitch them internally and spit it all out as a complete package via a single SDI cable. So one unit with two cables coming out the back, one with power and the other with the stitched camera and audio tracks. This impressive new technology unsurprisingly comes at an impressive price tag of $60,000, however Nokia were offering a show special of a $15000 rebate in return for 1 minute of footage. 

We’d love to have more info on this and do some more tests but strangely Nokia chose to populate its stand with silver-clad models demonstrating their new tech rather than the usual manufacturer staff. That, along with an incredibly popular stand, meant we were a little starved of information but it certainly demonstrates an incredibly interesting path forwards for VR and 360 technology. 

Key Features:

  • 8 fixed cameras
  • 8 microphones
  • Internal 360 stitching
  • Output via single SDI cable

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