Sennheiser EK 6042 – Two Channel Audio Receiver

Sennheiser EK 6042 – Two Channel Audio Receiver

Show: IBC 2015

Estimated Release Date: Spring 2016 

Price: €3500

Fulfilling a lot of tick boxes the EK 6042 is set to cover many crew requirements working with nearly every Sennheiser wireless system, whether it is analogue or digital.  From tailoring it’s menu to how it is being used, it simplifies the menu structure if it knows it will not be required with the paired transmitter.  Pairing is, if the transmitter has the appropriate IR transmitter, a matter of holding it close to the EK 6042 and pressing a button.  The two channel receiver is light enough to mount with a belt clip if needed and allows for auto configuration, saving time for professionals and simplifying for novices.  It’s built to slot into Sound Devices, Panasonic, Sony ‘SuperSlot’ modules and with the new Ambient Recording compartment for the ARRI Amira.

Key Features

  • Two Channel receiver
  • Auto Configuration
  • Lightweight

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