Zacuto Recoil, Z-Drive and Tornado

Zacuto Recoil, Z-Drive and Tornado

Show: NAB 2015

Estimated delivery – All 3 available now


Recoil rig – from £1200

Z-Drive follow focus – £340

Tornado handgrip – £170

In the world of modular camera rigs, multiple accessory manufacturers, and solutions-to-problems-that-don’t-exist (and vice verse), we were pleased to see how comfortable, balanced and easy to assemble the Zacuto Recoil rig was (we tried one with the notoriously difficult to hand hold C300 on it). You do pay for quality but as with all Zacuto products, you get a lifetime guarantee.

The Z-drive mounts onto a single 15mm rail and is a direct-drive system, and having no internal gearing means that it will never develop any dreaded “play”. It’s angled at 60degrees to provide a more natural and comfortable position for the focus hand, and can be mounted on either the operator or assistant side of the lens. A great bit of accessory ingenuity at an even greater price tag.

Combine the Tornado handgrip with the Z-Drive follow focus on a Recoil rig and what you get is total, comfortable control. The tornado, as the name alludes to, is a handgrip that is attached to the Z-Drive follow focus, that you simultaneously use as a “moose bar” handle, but which can also rotate to rotate the follow focus unit. This allows for easy comfortable use, as well as adding stability to filming handheld as you’re not taking your hand away from the left hand side grip.

A great combination of accessories which sum is greater than the already good parts.

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