RED Gemini Cameras – Why this is the most exciting RED release yet

The RED Gemini 5K S35 has been kicking up quite a storm in the world of cinematography over the past few months, and for a great reason too.

Rumoured to have been designed to shoot in outer space for NASA, this innovative sensor and camera brain works fantastically in low light shooting situations, whilst also adapting to bright light too.

That’s just one of the high-performance features that makes the Gemini one of RED’s most versatile and exciting releases yet.

Let’s find out more about what makes the Gemini one of the most talked about RED releases for some time…

Lightweight and easy to use

Made from aluminium alloy, the Gemini 5K S35 looks durable and robust, yet it’s surprisingly lightweight at just 1.5kg (3.35 lb.).

Granted- you will be adding various attachments to the brain which will add to the weight, but it’s still lighter and easier to handle than you’d expect.

Boasting the same easy-to-use intuitive menus as other RED cameras, you can usually start shooting great footage using the Gemini 5K without needing to pore over the user manual.

It also offers many 1/4″-20 mounting holes around the body into which you can fix the attachments you need such as a V-Lock Expander Module, output HDMI and SDI and LCD.

Dual-sensor for a range of shooting conditions

The Gemini 5K S35 sensor is RED’s highest sensitivity sensor yet that works effectively in a range of different shooting conditions.

At 30.72 x 18mm, the 5K S35 sensor is taller than RED’s regular super 35mm sensor which makes it great to use with anamorphic lenses (6:5 aspect ratio!).

Tall enough for full 2x anamorphic capture, it offers greater anamorphic lens coverage than with the HELIUM or RED DRAGON sensor and you won’t need to do any cropping.

As you’d expect, it also works brilliantly in low light conditions so boosts that retro cinematographic feel and produces cleaner imagery with less noise and better shadow detail.

The dual ISO-mode allows you greater flexibility when it comes to brightness, allowing you to shoot in brighter settings such as outdoors where you want to include lots of detail in the frame.

The result is clean, crisp images, whether you’re shooting in low-light conditions or in standard mode.

Larger and more sensitive pixels

The Gemini also offers up to 17x more resolution than HD to help achieve a crisper, brighter, higher-quality image.

With 5K rather than 8K resolution, the Gemini has been designed with larger, more sensitive pixels than the Monstro, Dragon and Helium sensors to provide optimal results in low light conditions, as well as smooth, organic looking skin tones.

Using Full Format, you can shoot in 5K at a speed of up to 96 frames per second or 120fps @ 4K or 240fps @ 2K.

Fast data transfer rates for greater productivity

When it comes to data transfer rates, the Red Gemini 5K S35 shines yet again. Capable of write speeds of up to 275 MB/S, and you can record in REDCODE Raw and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD at the same time.

Easy editing

And when it comes to editing, it’s also compatible with all the mainstream editing software, including Adobe Premiere Pro, AVID Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, Edius Pro, Final Cut Pro and Vegas Pro.

The RED Gemini 5K S35 is RED’s highest sensitivity sensor yet and offers incredibly high-quality images with better shadow detail, less noise and an impressive dynamic range.

So, if you’ve been thinking of trying something new but love the Dragon sensor, we recommend you give this one a try.

The Latest Lights Released at NAB 2019

The annual NAB in Las Vegas is always full of surprises from the media, entertainment and technology world, and this year’s show was certainly no exception. 

As ever, there were plenty of exciting announcements, but by far, the most note-worthy was the range of new and innovative lighting options that are set to hit the market this year.

Ranging from pocket-sized RGB LED panels, to lights you can charge via a regular light fitting and even wearable options, there’s something for every purpose and shooting condition.

Keep reading to find out more about these exciting new light releases that are guaranteed to make you smile.

1. Aputure Amaran AL-MC

The Aputure Amaran AL-MC is a pocket-sized RGB LED panel that is lightweight, durable and very easy to use thanks to the integrated Bluetooth Mesh technology.

With a CCT range of 3200-6500K, offering 36,000 different colours and providing an output of 100 lux at 0.3 metres (0.98 ft.), it’s a great tiny addition to anyone’s lighting rig.

2. Aputure 300d II

The Aputure 300d II is the newer, improved version of the 300d. Now 30% brighter, it boasts 90,000 lux at 1 metre when fitted with the fresnel 2x attachment.

With passive cooling, better cable organisation and extra mounting options. You also get 8 lighting presets, 0-100% dim and a c-stand that allows you to hang it without worrying about wires.

3. Aputure AL RC

This might look just like a traditional light bulb, but it’s actually an innovative 5W RGBW LED light which you can charge via a regular light socket.

Offering flicker-free lighting at high frame rates, 3200-650K range and 1000 lux at 0.3 metres (0.98 ft.), it’s a great little invention that will help fill in those dark areas and build your lighting kit.

Did we mention that it also offers Bluetooth Mesh control?

4. Zylight Go-Panel with Active Diffusion

The Zylight Go-Panel is a well-built and high output LED fresnel which is similar to the Zylight F8-200 but with added extras such as green and magenta control, a handy USB port for firmware updates and DMX control.

Using a layer of semi-transparent LCD, it offers fully-controllable active diffusion technology which will help you create exactly the light conditions you want.

Great easy set-up and exciting versatility means we can’t wait to see this one when it’s released for sale.

5. Luxli Viola² 5″ On-Camera RGBAW LED Light

This is another second-generation compact RGB light which uses 88 5-colour LEDs to offer up to 10000K RGB at a consistent 93 CRI.

Full dimmable and controllable through 360°, you can use use the updated controls to create exact the right colour output, CCT, color, saturation, filters, and effects for your shooting needs.

If that wasn’t enough, it offers full Bluetooth integration and you can control the until though a handy smartphone app.

6. Spiffy Gear Lumee Wearable LED

The Lumee is an innovative, bracelet-style, wearable LED light that works brilliantly when you want to add a tiny pop of light to an area.

Boasting high-quality LEDS, entirely splashproof, rechargeable via micro USB, and with a magnetic backing or eyelet feature they’re easy to use and provide some great effects.

This year’s NAB saw the release of many new lighting options to suit every requirement from the big to the small. We can’t wait to see these products on the market and see how they really perform.

BVE Reviews

Here you can find all the latest information on new technology from BVE.  We scoured the trade show far and wide to pick out some of our highlights; all organised in handy bite sized chunks for our customers.

There was a wide range of equipment on display at BVE this year and we’ve reviewed all the main items that caught our eye.

We put together a whole new page for our reviews so you can access all the latest information all in one place. We’ve divided it into categories so whether you are a camera junkie or a lighting geek you can access everything quickly and easily. Or if you just love it all, read the whole overview or click through from each item to the next.

As always if you want any information on something not on our site just give us a call

Media Parents Tech Catch Up

Thanks to everyone at, and involved with, Media Parents. We had a great session catching up on the latest tech with you and getting to know several new faces.

Alain Lolliot talked through the latest technology on the market place. We started off covering the latest cameras to enter the industry the ever popular ARRI Amira, Sony’s latest the PXW-FS7 and the new compact handy cam the PXW-X70. The event also covered TheLights Velvet 1, Canon’s 17-120mm PL Zoom and a refresher with the Syrp Genie Timelapse System and Konova Slider. 

Media Parents – “Huge thanks to tech guru Alain Lolliot and the Pro Motion Hire team for Thursday’s tech catch up – it was a great opportunity for freelancers and Rare Day, Lime Pictures, Dragonfly, Remedy Productions, Jellyfish TV, Attaboy Productions, Riverdog Productions, Channel 5 and of course Media Parents, to get up close and PXW FS7 with some kit.”

Matt Currington –  “Really helpful to have a talk-through of the cameras, especially in an informal and friendly environment. The gadgets being shown like the Genie hyperlapse gimble were a great idea – always good to know that facilities have these on offer. And OMG a waterproof LED Light Panel, rewind Christmas please….!” Matt Currington, shooting PD.

You can see more from the event at Media Parents.

Pro Motion Hire’s BSC Expo Round Up

Here is a round up on our highlights from this years BSC Expo, cameras, lenses and accessories galore.

The British Society of Cinematographers Expo ‐ 30th & 31st January 2015 ‐ Pinewood Studios

As the title indicates, the BSC expo is geared towards cinematographers and filmmakers, covering the latest advancements in digital cinema technology as well as hands on experience with various cameras, lenses, lights and accessories there is a wide range of seminars. This year’s expo was even busier than before with queues to attend seminars and the show floor packed with people. 

Here’s a round up of a few of the show’s highlights:


ARRI had the ALEXA 65 with Hydroflex underwater housing on display; with its giant sensor, this really is a super sized ALEXA. RED had the EPIC Dragon on display in various forms, with the REDmote and RED Wireless focus and monitoring options. Panasonic had their Varicams catching a lot of attention. The VariCam has two different heads that can mount onto the same recorder acting as the cameras back end. One head is geared specifically to digital cinema and the other to broadcast. The VariCam35 with a Super35mm sensor for 4K shooting with a PL mount, and the VariCamHS with a 3×2/3rd CMOS sensor and a B4 mount. We were incredibly impressed with Panasonic’s Varicam35 having a dual native ISO, making the sensor as clean at 5000 ISO as it is at 800!


The Zacuto Gratical was on display and this high powered EVF has been built to the highest specifications, with a Mirco‐OLED screen, incredible sharpness and a heavy duty drop‐it‐and‐carry‐on body. It also has 2 x HDMI and 2 x SDI ports both with cross conversion. Tiffen had their latest filter ‐ the Black Glimmerglass. These high definition diffusion filters soften fine details and add a mild glow to highlights. At Optical Support’s stand we had a demonstration of the INOVATIV film carts. These amazing on‐set camera / DIT carts are super strong, well designed and offer a wide range of accessories, from lockable laptop draws to tripod head mounts. But the best part is that they can quickly and easily compact down into a a wheelable trolley perfect for travelling, with dimensions designed specifically for flight. 


ARRI, Angenieux and Cooke all had large crowds around their stands as PL glass continues in popularity. Canon had the CN7X17 KAS S/P1 (otherwise known as the 17‐120mm Canon Cine Zoom). This lens has proved incredibly popular in our hire stock and demand continues to grow. Our favourite demonstration from the show had to be Preston’s Light Ranger 2. It has two parts, a sensor unit that sits on top of the camera, and a video interface that attaches to your monitor. The Light Ranger 2 uses infrared light to assess where your subject/objects are in frame, then divides the monitor into 16 areas with a line cutting across the screen with each area displayed as a rectangle. These rectangles demonstrate where your depth of field sits and if something is in focus or not. As it’s a visual tool it’s incredibly intuitive ‐ these really can be a focus pullers best friend, especially in tricky circumstances or if shooting 4K on a lower resolution monitor. 

This was a quick tour of our favourite bits from the BSC Expo, if you’d like any further information on anything mentioned above or anything else from the BSC show please give us a call or send through an email. tel: 0845 460 9988 email:

We are exhibiting at BVE at Excel London 24th‐26th February, come and see us on our stand C42, and check out the latest broadcast and digital technology.

Manufacturer Links for the above equipment:‐models.asp‐hd‐P1/