Main Features of the RED Komodo Camera

RED komodo

The RED Komodo is a small but highly versatile digital camera. It’s designed for the mid-level market but this relative economy doesn’t undermine its technical performance and sheer usability.

It’s a 6K, super 35mm camera, and it works with a broad range of lens mounts.

Here, we look at the main features of this new RED model, as it’s something of a departure from what you’d normally associate with this brand.

Camera Size

The RED Komodo is a compact powerhouse of a camera. In fact, it’s very small indeed, at only 10.16cm x 10.16cm (or four inches), and it only weighs 900g.

This makes it extremely practical for all sorts of shoots and for access to hard-to-reach places. Plus, you can easily mount it onto lightweight gimbals or drones, without having to worry about the weight.

Despite its compactness, you’re still going to capture cinematic images with it.

Battery System

The battery design in the RED Komodo bolsters its sheer portability and versatility. The camera has two hot-swappable battery slots.

This design allows you to safely remove and insert batteries into the camera without shutting it down, running the camera continuously.

It also overcomes the issue of waiting for the camera to startup. The RED Komodo’s hot-swappable batteries mean this is no longer a potential problem.

The battery life is good too. Running it on just two small batteries gives you three hours of shooting time. Using larger batteries, you can expect to double this to six hours.

Global Shutter

A global shutter on a camera will read all of the pixels on the sensor simultaneously. This is very different from a rolling shutter sensor.

What this means is that when you use the RED Komodo as a handheld camera, you won’t get any image wobble. And if you use it to shoot out of a moving vehicle, you won’t get any unwanted strange motion effects.

How important is having a global shutter? Well, it gives you the feeling that you’re shooting on classic film. That’s definitely a good thing.

Raw Video

The Komodo use the REDCODE Raw codec for shooting raw video. This is the RED proprietary format for encoding image data and it’s extremely efficient.

It enables you to maximise your post-production capabilities by managing huge amounts of ultra-detailed data. As you increase your resolution, so the codec becomes more efficient, saving time and resources on your high-quality productions.

You get file sizes you can tune for superior image quality, but with lower storage requirements. The codec gives you raw workflow with non-destructive editing.

All the major post-production software packages, such as Premier Pro, Davinci Resolve, Apple and Adobe, support REDCODE Raw.

Image Fidelity

With its combination of global shutter sensor and RED Raw processing capability, the RED Komodo offers excellent image fidelity.

This is far beyond what you’d normally expect from this type of mid-tier camera. It takes complex image grades and correction on board with ease.

Colour Science

The colour science that the RED Komodo uses is essentially the same as in other, more expensive cameras in the RED range.

The economy and compactness of the Komodo don’t compromise on the technology that drives its quality.

Essentially, all the grading and effects that you apply will be the equivalent of what you’d get with high-end cameras in the RED range.

Internal ProRes

Apple ProRes is the industry-standard codec for post-production. It is a widely-used final format delivery method, used in broadcast-standard video and streaming.

The RED Komodo can shoot ProRes internally, ensuring not just a smooth editing experience, but a more rapid one.

Excellent Autofocus

The option of autofocus is a first for a RED camera, but on the Komodo, it works really well.

It’s an excellent option to have when shooting on a gimbal, and it positions the Komodo solidly in the vanguard of camera design and usability.

Simple Menu Functions

The Komodo’s menu is a no-frills affair, supporting the out-of-the-box functionality of the camera.

Everything you’ll need is upfront, on the main touch screen. Changing settings and selections is easy, and where you need secondary menus, these are easy to activate and access.

Better still, using the RED Control app over a wi-fi connection, you can access the menu remotely, via your smartphone or another mobile device.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

As a compact, all-in-one camera, the RED is ready to shoot straight out of the box.

Unlike other RED models, the Komodo doesn’t require a huge amount of technical know-how or extra accessories to achieve excellent results.

But the quality of what you can achieve with it is easily comparable with these other models.

If you’re looking to maximise your results without over-committing your resources, then this is the camera for you.