Media Parents Tech Catch Up

Thanks to everyone at, and involved with, Media Parents. We had a great session catching up on the latest tech with you and getting to know several new faces.

Alain Lolliot talked through the latest technology on the market place. We started off covering the latest cameras to enter the industry the ever popular ARRI Amira, Sony’s latest the PXW-FS7 and the new compact handy cam the PXW-X70. The event also covered TheLights Velvet 1, Canon’s 17-120mm PL Zoom and a refresher with the Syrp Genie Timelapse System and Konova Slider. 

Media Parents – “Huge thanks to tech guru Alain Lolliot and the Pro Motion Hire team for Thursday’s tech catch up – it was a great opportunity for freelancers and Rare Day, Lime Pictures, Dragonfly, Remedy Productions, Jellyfish TV, Attaboy Productions, Riverdog Productions, Channel 5 and of course Media Parents, to get up close and PXW FS7 with some kit.”

Matt Currington –  “Really helpful to have a talk-through of the cameras, especially in an informal and friendly environment. The gadgets being shown like the Genie hyperlapse gimble were a great idea – always good to know that facilities have these on offer. And OMG a waterproof LED Light Panel, rewind Christmas please….!” Matt Currington, shooting PD.

You can see more from the event at Media Parents.