The Latest Lights Released at NAB 2019

The annual NAB in Las Vegas is always full of surprises from the media, entertainment and technology world, and this year’s show was certainly no exception. 

As ever, there were plenty of exciting announcements, but by far, the most note-worthy was the range of new and innovative lighting options that are set to hit the market this year.

Ranging from pocket-sized RGB LED panels, to lights you can charge via a regular light fitting and even wearable options, there’s something for every purpose and shooting condition.

Keep reading to find out more about these exciting new light releases that are guaranteed to make you smile.

1. Aputure Amaran AL-MC

The Aputure Amaran AL-MC is a pocket-sized RGB LED panel that is lightweight, durable and very easy to use thanks to the integrated Bluetooth Mesh technology.

With a CCT range of 3200-6500K, offering 36,000 different colours and providing an output of 100 lux at 0.3 metres (0.98 ft.), it’s a great tiny addition to anyone’s lighting rig.

2. Aputure 300d II

The Aputure 300d II is the newer, improved version of the 300d. Now 30% brighter, it boasts 90,000 lux at 1 metre when fitted with the fresnel 2x attachment.

With passive cooling, better cable organisation and extra mounting options. You also get 8 lighting presets, 0-100% dim and a c-stand that allows you to hang it without worrying about wires.

3. Aputure AL RC

This might look just like a traditional light bulb, but it’s actually an innovative 5W RGBW LED light which you can charge via a regular light socket.

Offering flicker-free lighting at high frame rates, 3200-650K range and 1000 lux at 0.3 metres (0.98 ft.), it’s a great little invention that will help fill in those dark areas and build your lighting kit.

Did we mention that it also offers Bluetooth Mesh control?

4. Zylight Go-Panel with Active Diffusion

The Zylight Go-Panel is a well-built and high output LED fresnel which is similar to the Zylight F8-200 but with added extras such as green and magenta control, a handy USB port for firmware updates and DMX control.

Using a layer of semi-transparent LCD, it offers fully-controllable active diffusion technology which will help you create exactly the light conditions you want.

Great easy set-up and exciting versatility means we can’t wait to see this one when it’s released for sale.

5. Luxli Viola² 5″ On-Camera RGBAW LED Light

This is another second-generation compact RGB light which uses 88 5-colour LEDs to offer up to 10000K RGB at a consistent 93 CRI.

Full dimmable and controllable through 360°, you can use use the updated controls to create exact the right colour output, CCT, color, saturation, filters, and effects for your shooting needs.

If that wasn’t enough, it offers full Bluetooth integration and you can control the until though a handy smartphone app.

6. Spiffy Gear Lumee Wearable LED

The Lumee is an innovative, bracelet-style, wearable LED light that works brilliantly when you want to add a tiny pop of light to an area.

Boasting high-quality LEDS, entirely splashproof, rechargeable via micro USB, and with a magnetic backing or eyelet feature they’re easy to use and provide some great effects.

This year’s NAB saw the release of many new lighting options to suit every requirement from the big to the small. We can’t wait to see these products on the market and see how they really perform.