Specialist Filming and Creating a Unique Look

Wildlife and natural history filming over the past few years has brought us impressive images from far across the globe.  With these challenges and obstacles that have been encountered and overcome technology has followed in the footsteps providing new equipment to capture the world in new ways.   

These technical advancements have brought new creative possibilities to every user now.  From viewing from the point of view of an ant to seeing in the dark we now stock a wide variety tools for productions to capture new innovative looks.

Laowa 24mm Probe Lens EF/PL

From filming the naturally elusive to the hard to reach and getting up close to subjects; the Laowa 24mm probe lens (available in a Cine EF or PL Mount) offers an insects perspective, focusing 2:1 macro to infinity.

It also presents an increased depth of field, for producing excellent background details at short distances.  This means you can get closer to subjects more than ever before, whether you’re filming wildlife, food, products or people.  As opposed to other lenses, the probe allows the lens to be inserted into small spaces no matter what size camera you are using and is waterproof too enabling you to use the front of the lens underwater.

Infiniprobe TS-160 Robusto EF/PL

This specialist lens allows you to focus from infinity to mere millimetres from the object you’re filming with an alarming up to 16x magnification!

Perfect for capturing minute details, the TS-160 comes in both EF and PL mounts.  The lens can be configured with a right angle adaptor to allow a variety of angles and perspectives.

From filming the hairs on a fly to a running dive into an ant’s nest, you can use the TS-160 to focus on a specific object at a distance then move in until it occupies a single frame, creating some pretty unique and spectacular shots.

Laowa 15mm Macro Lens

The ultra-wide angle lens makes it ideal for shooting macro in exteriors.

As the world’s widest 1:1 macro lens, the Laowa 15mm gives camera operators the ability to get extremely close to their subjects, without sacrificing any essential surrounding detail.

Regardless of location, the Laowa 15mm can capture precise details while maintaining a clear sense of place and narrative.

Laowa 25mm Ultra Macro EF Lens

For super macro shooting, the Laowa 25mm is both compact and lightweight, without compromising on technical performance.

Fully manual, it offers magnification from 2.5 to 5 times life-size!

The Laowa 25mm has a fast maximum aperture of f/2.8, allowing you to stop down for detail and wide depth of field, or film fully open if you are short on light, or indeed want to draw in the viewers’ attention but creating a shallow depth of field.

Phantom VEO4K-PL Camera

The Phantom VEO4K is a compact, versatile camera that enables you to shoot in detailed 4K ultra-slow motion.

Its compactness makes it portable and adaptable in a broad range of settings and mount options which would be impossible with a larger camera.

The camera allows for remote triggering either via a hardwire trigger, Bluetooth or remote trigger like the Semote remote camera controller.

Combining small size, affordable media and super slow motion 4K up to 1000fps or 2K up to 1850 frames per second the Phantom VEO4K offers unique possibilities to see what the eye cannot.

Sony A7S MKII Full Spectrum Camera

Bad outdoor lighting is a barrier that most film-makers will encounter at some time, and controlling light is essential to shooting exteriors successfully.

The Sony A7S MKII offers powerful, low light performance, with an impressively ultra-sensitive ISO range of 50-409,600.

This full spectrum modified camera is simultaneously sensitive to UV (Ultra Violet) and IR (Infrared) wavelengths, as well as to regular visible light. Its night vision capability makes it an ideal choice for filming nocturnal wildlife.

You also have the option of applying filters to limit the camera’s visibility to specific wavelengths to suit your specific shoot.

The full frame A7S MKII has a native Sony E mount, which makes it adaptable to accept a wide range of lenses and other lens mounts.

Canon ME20F-SH Camera

The ME20F-SH offers unrivalled low light performance capable of ISO’s in excess of 4 million which means the camera can see objects in almost complete darkness.

Compact and light to handle allowing a wide variety of rigging possibilities in demanding environments.

The ME20 delivers impressive colour filmmaking under low lighting conditions, with full, high quality HD output.

It has infrared colour capture and an advanced full frame 2.26megapixel CMOS sensor that is designed especially for shooting in low light.

It also gives you extended and flexible control over your shooting options, including shutter and aperture priority in automatic mode, and manual control whenever you want it as well as internal ND’s for shooting in daylight.

RED Camera Full Spectrum OLPF

This Kippertie Full Spectrum optical low pass filter gives outstanding sharpness to images, in both full spectrum and IR.

Compared to other OLPF’s, this full spectrum filter transmits a wider range of wavelengths, especially ideal for the RED Gemini camera with its dual native ISO’s.

The filter has anti-reflective and protective coatings and is easily interchanged with other RED DSMC2 OLPF’s, meaning you can use the same amazing camera for both your regular “visible light” shots as well as UV/IR/FS filing, simply by just changing the OLPF!

Movcam Roll Rig Cage

When it comes to continuous rotation, the Movcam Roll Rig gives you the ability to create a continuous barrel-rolling effect, a unique and previously very expensive effect to produce.

You can control this 360-degree movement either manually or by using the provided ARRI ZMU-3 and CLM-4 Motor to drive the rotation to give the cage a controlled, calibrated roll.  Alternatively, a standard WLCS with suitable torque motor can drive the rotation of the camera wirelessly.

The cage has been calibrated to give centre-lens axis spins with either the ARRI ALEXA Mini or RED DSMC2 camera bodies. 

Feather Crane

In demanding and challenging conditions for filming, you need the right support equipment, especially for getting those hard-to-reach shots.

The Feather Camera Crane is the perfect accessory for outdoor filming in remote locations. It can handle a payload of 4.5kg, and has a generous boom reach of 10 feet.

Made from carbon fibre, the crane really is feather-light, when you compare it to what it can handle.

Its telescopic boom packs down to a compact 28 inches, and when stored, the whole rig only weighs 1.72kg.

Supplied with Miller Solo tripod legs, the whole system can pack away into a backpack, making it very easy and convenient to travel with on those tough expedition hikes!

ABC Camera Crane

Creating a birds eye view, jibbing from ground level to up high or off the side of a cliff face; the ABC Speedy 9 crane is versatile, and quick and easy to put together.

It has a robust 10kg payload capacity, even at its fully extended 9m length (7m reach).

It includes an inventive tilt system, which enables you to support the camera parallel to the arm of the crane, or to control it independently.  With a variety of mounting options available for gimbals or fluid heads, the camera can be mounted static or ready for remote controlled movement.

Is all packs away into commercially accepted flight cases all less than 1.8m long and none weighing more than 30kg. Can be supplied with solid weights for local use, or water weights for travelling.

Defy Cadence Cablecam

This versatile cable cam kit provides you with a portable and strong solution to point-to-point filming capable of carrying payloads up to18kg at speeds of 30mph taking care of most camera packages.

Use in places a drone is impractical / impossible to use, like through forests, over crowds, indoors, or with no pilots license!

It offers fully autonomous control, including acceleration, braking and active traction remotely from the Defy Pulse controller.

The Cadence Cablecam also gives operators a continuous real-time data display, to ensure they get the best footage using it.

Wiral Lite Cable Cam

Lightweight and fast cable cam for small cameras.  Easily rigged to achieve professional, all-angle tracking shots, and for getting up close to subjects in even the most challenging environments, this cable cam system provides the answer.

You can assemble the Wiral Lite in 3 minutes using its lightweight cable design and simple foldaway carriage.

It’ll take payloads of up to 1.5kg, with a battery life of 3 hours.  The remote that comes with it has a range of 200metres and enables you to control your tracking rate in three modes: normal, time lapse and speed. Be careful though, the max speed of 9m/s is furiously fast!

We recommend pairing this with the DJI Osmo X5R for incredible gimbal stabilized RAW footage!

Cognisys Stackshot

For macro photography, creating a deep depth of field can be near impossible; the Stackshot combines multiple stills images at different focus distances to give you a greater depth of field in a single image

Useful in macro filming, and also when shooting landscapes, you can automate this process completely with the Stackshot.

The system is easy to configure, and all it requires is a shutter cable, linking your camera and the device.

Rigwheels Cloud Mount

Capturing movement is fundamental to filming, naturally, but at the same time, you don’t want the wrong movement disrupting a shoot.

Filming from a moving vehicle can cause camera vibration, especially if you’re on rough terrain.

The Rigwheels Cloud Mount attaches your camera rig to your vehicle firmly and securely, using its own vibration isolator system to reduce unwanted “Z-axis” movement significantly. Pair with a gimbal like a Ronin2 and you suddenly have a 4-axis stabilized, remote control car mount.

Using the Cloud Mount, you can achieve smooth and dynamic camera movement from your vehicle, even when the going gets tough.

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