Polyboard Update – Chimera Frames

As part of our sustainability efforts, we’re no longer supplying polyboard.

Instead, we have invested in Chimera panel kits, which are a fantastic reusable alternative that include both black and white cloth to achieve the same effect as polyboard. We hope these will heavily reduce our waste while still giving our clients the same results on set.

As suppliers it’s important we are actively looking to reduce and manage our waste, we want to deliver the best possible service to all our stakeholders, and to do this we need to make sustainable choices. As we step up to make investments into greener and more sustainable options, we hope our clients will join us on this journey.

We went with Chimera Panels as they are compact, lightweight and easy to use. Set up in seconds, the textile panels cover the whole frame, so you don’t get any bounce or reflection from the metal.

The textiles, like polyboard, have a white side and a black side. In the image above you can see the different sizes and how the textile covers the frame. As demonstrated with the white panels, you can’t see the frame when the textile is attached. The black panel demonstrates how the textile looks on the reverse side for reference. You would clip the fabric the opposite way when using it in situ so that the frame is completely covered.

Our frames come in both 4×4 and 6×4 sizes with a black/white textile – they can be assembled and dissembled in seconds and come in a compact travel bag.

We also provide diffusion and silver textiles which can be added to the kit at an additional cost. Check out our product page for more information.