Pro Motion Joins Pixipixel

2023 has kicked off in a huge way for Pro Motion Hire as we announce that we’ve been acquired by Pixipixel Rental. The acquisition has developed very quickly, and it presents an incredible opportunity for us to expand and deliver on a much bigger scale.

What does this mean?

Pro Motion are now a trading division of Pixipixel Rental LTD. Over the coming months Pro Motion will be integrating completely into Pixipixel.

What this means for reaching out to us?

Our contact numbers will remain the same, so you can still call us to chat through projects and enquire about kit at any time. Email wise, our Pro Motion handles will remain active, but we are in the process of moving to Pixipixel email accounts. This shouldn’t affect any communications as any emails sent to Pro Motion accounts will feed through to our new Pixipixel handles – just update your address book as and when.

What changes will you likely see?

In the long term you might notice some changes to our branding as Pro Motion ultimately merges into Pixipixel. We’ll be updating our website, emails and quote templates with new logos and information in due course. Also, we’ll now be part of a wider team, so you may see some new faces.

Who are PixiPixel?

Pixipixel is an independent London-based rental house with two decades of experience supplying camera and lighting equipment for film, television, commercial and music video productions. With state-of-the-art prep facilities and two warehouses in Hoxton and Tottenham, they are committed to offering the latest and most innovative kit.

The Future?

We’re incredibly excited for what the future holds as the Pro Motion team joins under the Pixipixel banner. For you, our loyal clients, this means a wider range of best-in-class camera and lighting equipment, a bigger team of experts to draw upon, and the same excellent service you’ve come to expect.

Larger Selection of Kit

Pixipixel’s kit offering is staggering to say the least, from a whole warehouse dedicated to lighting, to the very best glass on the market. Here’s a little taster of what you can expect:

  • A wide range of Anamorphic lenses including Cooke and Kowa sets.
  • An even wider range of Spherical lenses including TLS Mamiya 645s, Canon K35s, Tribe7 Blackwing Primes and ARRI Signature Primes.
  • Fully fledged Dolly packages such as the Chapman PeeWee III+ and the Fisher 11.
  • 25,000 sq. ft. lighting warehouse with LED, HMI, fluorescent and tungsten lights from Arri, Astera, CreaSource, Kinoflo, K5600, Lite Gear, Rotolight, The Light Bridge and more.

In house engineering

Pixipixel have an incredible in-house engineering department across camera, grip & lighting that we can now take advantage of. From repairs to fabrications and even modifications, their team of engineers can tackle a wide range of projects.

Northern Expansion

One of the main reasons for the acquisition was Pixipixel’s desire to expand beyond London into other areas of the UK. With our strong presence up north in Manchester, together with Pixipixel we can deliver an incredible camera and lighting offering to more regional productions.


We know this is a lot of information to take in, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. As mentioned, we’re incredibly excited about the future. This opportunity allows us to deliver the same amazing service at a much bigger scale, and we can’t wait to get started.